Singing Tibetan Bowls - How to Purchase Singing Bowls?


1. Make sure to give yourself a lot of free time to examine and look for a great one that you really like. The singing Tibetan bowls, most of the time, are called as healing bowls which can be taken advantage to actually heal not just your body but your mind as well. In addition, it is utilized to help in meditation.

2. In case you are in a brick and mortar store, be sure to study the sound by means of striking the bowl with the use of a stick. The singing Tibetan bowls are played with the use of a thick wooden stick that is covered with a soft leather on one end. You can either choose to strike the bowl or rub its edge with the use of a striker so as to generate ringing and resonant tones that would make the bowl to reverberate for a long period. Once strike, the sound must resonate as well as last for a couple of minutes with a number of layers of tones. The note must be heavy and reach. When you choose, the bowl must really impress you and touch your heart. The vibration as well as the sound, as a result, generated aids the person to focus and relax from within which will in the end, help in healing your body and mind. The vibration is utilized to actually heal the ill body parts. The frequency of vibration of the sound would put your mind at ease.

3. If you are purchasing on the World Wide Web, be sure to check whether the website at has audio clips for the singing Tibetan bowls that are for sale. All the great stores must provide audio clips. One of the excellent stores will also offer you samples in order to check its quality.

4. In addition, the smaller the singing Tibetan bowl then the higher will be the pitch of its sound and the bigger the singing Tibetan bowl, then the heavier its pitch. You must really look for the suitable ones contingent on the pitch of the sound that you like.

5. Another thing that you should keep in mind when you purchase a singing Tibetan bowl is the materials utilized to make it. On the whole, they are usually a mixture of 2 to 5 metals, on the other hand, the special ones are made of 7 metals, click here to get started!