Amazing Benefits of Singing Bowls and Sound Therapy


For many years, Tibetan singing bowls have been used for meditation and healing purposes, creating a range of sounds for restoring the normal vibrations and harmony of the human body. Tibetan Singing bowls are also called Himalayan bowls, rin gongs, or suzu gongs, which are classified as standing bells. Singing bowls are not like the regular bells that have an attached handle or hanging inverted, but they sit with their bottom surfaces resting, and the rim vibrating for sound production with the characteristics first harmonic or fundamental harmonic, and second and third harmonic or the two audible harmonic overtones.

Silver Sky Imports Singing bowls vibrate and resonate to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. Experts even regard the sounds produced by singing bowls are a form of energy medicine, promoting healing from pain, stress disorders, and depression. The healing process of Tibetan singing bowls is initiated through entraining of brainwaves, synchronizing with the perfect resonance of the singing bowls. With its unique tones, singing bowls promote creative thinking and perfect state of relaxation and meditation. People are able to awaken their unique ability to hear more than what the ears hear with the pure sonic waves, allowing reflection and internalizing of positive energies. Singing bowls are very powerful healing tools with the incorporation of chimes, gongs, drums, rattles, conch horns and flutes in live sound concerts.

The health benefits of singing bowls at this website include stress and anxiety reduction, lower blood pressure, slow to anger, improved blood circulation, pain relief, deep relaxation, Chakra balancing, emotional clarity, metal concentration, stronger immune system, promote happiness, stillness, and general well-being. Singing bowls are excellent tools in combination with yoga, prayer, and meditation. With our everyday work and poor lifestyle, our body is imbalanced, so as the very little cells and different organs in our body. There is a disruption in the balance of energy in our body, but through Tibetan singing bowls, it helps stabilize our inner energy while providing clarity of mind, peaceful state, and deep meditation.

Singing bowls have a great impact on our nervous system that can incredibly inhibit stress or response to pain, eliminate emotional turmoil, lighten the mental burden, and provide awareness of body and mind connection. For more information about singing bowls, feel free to check the website of Silver Sky Imports, and check available singing bowls for you! Silver Sky Imports is your number partner in availing genuine, high-quality and reasonably-priced singing bowls.