Tips When Purchasing Singing Bowls


The singing Tibetan bowls are thought to originate from Tibet around 4,000 years ago. The Tibetan monks are actually known to be such secret users of those singing bowls. Before the presence of Buddhists, there were already shamans who practiced using such singing bowls.

It has actually been proven that the mind and body is really affected by the sound as well as the vibration of those singing Tibetan bowls. Know that the sound of the bowls would relax and ease the mind and the body so that one can concentrate deeper in himself. This is achieved through massaging the body by the sound and the vibration of those healing bowls.

Those singing Tibetan bowls at are actually made in India and Nepal. They are often made of three metals and also five metals. But, some of the bowls are made of seven metals. Such are specifically the high-quality ones. Since each one of them are handmade individually, none of such healing bowls are the same. So how do you purchase such singing bowls? One has to be really careful when it comes to buying singing bowls.

What you should do is that you have to give yourself a lot of time to analyze the bowls and look for a good one which you like. The silver sky imports singing Tibetan bowls are usually called the healing bowls that can be used to heal the body and the mind. Also, this is used to aid in meditation.

When you are in such brick and mortar store, you have to test the sound through striking the bowl with the use of the stick. The singing bowls are actually played with a thick wooden stick that is covered soft leather on an end. You may either strike that bowl or rub such edge with the striker in order to produce ringing, the resonant tones would make the bowl vibrate for such a long time. When this is struck, the sound must resonate and last for several minutes with various layers of tones. The note has to be heavy and rich. If you would select, the sound of the singing bowl must touch your heart and should also impress you.

When you are going to purchase one online, you must check if the site has some audio clips of those bowls being sold. All of the stores must have these audio clips. A great store would also provide you with some samples to check the quality of the bowls.